[Our Goals]

Our Goals include

  • Provide A Safe Haven
    • A Safe place for young persons: afterschool programs, extracurricular activities, community centers
    • A confidential and non judgmental place for young persons
    • A place for young persons to do challenging things: academic support/mentoring;
    • A fun space: fun, safe and meaningful play with peers
    • Service learning; youth empowerment/organizing; career and talent development
    • A place for youth to do these things with caring adults and with supportive peers
    • A place that seek to promote positive youth development.As a young person you have freedom to talk about issues that affect you: Alcohol and drugs, peer pressure, attraction, learn how to have healthy relationships and about career choices.


  • Challenge The Now For The Future
    • Encourage teens to take responsibility for their health and to adopt healthy lifestyles
    • Encourage teens make responsible decisions including a sense of personal responsibility and social conscience
    • Assist teens in establishing healthy, nurturing relationships with peers, family members, or other adults within the community
    • Assist teens and pre teens create a sense of hopefulness for the future
    • Survey the health needs of the teen population and to provide leadership in creating healthy decisions