Nawiri: Swahili for blossom, Nawiri is a coming of age ceremony exclusively for girls which seeks to help girls and women in general to celebrate femininity

Nawiri is designed to:

  • Celebrate femininity by honoring young girls through welcoming them to their next phase – Young Womanhood.
  • Provide contemporary rites of passage programs for teenage girls focusing on providing healthy transitions from girl to woman and look at the inner and outer changes taking place in adolescence.
  • Connect with others of similar age, and have the support of older women.

The project involves being aware of the issues today’s teenage girls are facing and being part of a group of women who are there primarily to celebrate, support and encourage participants.

Nawiri graduates are grouped in cohorts and they meet quarterly over the 4 years of their high school lives.

See pics from past Nawiri events here —> 2012 ; 2011