KIKE >> Keep In Keep Empowered

KIKE is a Kiswahili word that symbolizes femininity. Rafikistry’s KIKE programme is a life skills development empowerment programme for adolescent girls. KIKE (Keep In Keep Empowered) has several projects under it. These include:


> STEP [Sanitary Towels & Empowerment Project]: which was the first project under the KIKE programme and is designed to celebrate femininity. The girls are provided with sanitary towels as well as basic training comprised of how to use the products, basic hygiene and more information on the adolescent stage.


> Nawiri: Kiswahili word meaning to blossom and is designed to:

  • Celebrate femininity by honoring young girls through welcoming them to their next phase – Young Womanhood.
  • Provide contemporary rites of passage programs for teenage girls focusing on providing healthy transitions from girl to woman and look at the inner and outer changes taking place in adolescence.
  • Connect with others of similar age, and have the support of older women.

The project involves being aware of the issues today’s teenage girls are facing and being part of a group of women who are there primarily to celebrate, support and encourage participants.