KIKE (Keep In Keep Empowered):

KIKE is girl centered empowerment program including sanitary towel provision to needy school girls, who benefit from the additional membership to the KIKE Klub where they receive life-skills training plus sensitisation on reproductive health matters. Read More…


 Educational Services:

We provide health education for adults, adolescent and pre-adolescents in schools, faith organizations and community groups.

Topics may include healthy relationships, stress management, teen pregnancy, or puberty.
Consultation for community agencies and professionals who work with young people and their families
Education for parents include topics like teen development, communication or sexuality


 Mental Health & Teen Development:

This program supports adolescents and their families during the transition to independence and adulthood.

The program involves:

  • Outreach into schools and the community to educate about teen specific mental health concerns
  • Ongoing youth development groups that work to provide education, reduce risky behaviors, and promote self-esteem
  • Case management for one to one guidance to help individuals uncover their vocational talents and strengths
  • Individual, family, couples and group therapy
  • Training, speaking, and consultation to community


This is a special outreach program for pregnant and parenting young women aged 12 – 20 to help them realize their personal potential.
This program provides:

  • Basic education on prenatal and postnatal care.
  • Parenting classes to encourage awareness of positive parenting
  • Educating teen mothers how to prevent subsequent pregnancy
  • Raising aspirations among young parents
  • Mentoring by helping young mothers make a meaningful difference in their lives